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About us

Hello Hazel Company, LLC is a family owned business specializing in unique accessories for your dog. Pets are family and we wanted a way to include them in our most special days. Based out of Eastern Pennsylvania, we started in 2013 on Etsy with a handful of fun sayings for weddings.  Our dog bandanas, featuring original designs and sayings like I Do Too and Dog of Honor, were an instant hit.  This led to ideas for collars, clothing and more!  

Who we are:
Hi guys!  When you contact our shop, you are most likely talking to me. I'm Michelle, the founder of Hello Hazel Company. Back in 2012 I decided to up and quit my stable job to pursue my passions. I had visions of working for myself, at home, to make money while being close by for my three kids.  Having a small business and working for myself has been a dream come true on so many levels. 
My favorite things after my family are, music, coffee, fun outfits (I stalk ModCloth) and our animals.
Other members of our team are:
♥ My mom, Kathy - She is the creative mind behind All Lavender and Love on Etsy. She passed down her love of sewing, creativity, and a passion for fabrics. The latter of which can be d-a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s!  
♥ My dad, Mark - He makes all the displays for our shows, and is helping to make our studio organized and functional.  
♥ Wendy - Another talented seamstress, she sews ribbons in bandanas as well as other projects! She also has an adorable teenage daughter. 
♥ And my own kiddos help as well.  Hailey, 20. Ella, 19. Emidio, 15.  They are ribbon cutters, box puter-togethers, inventory keepers, and are always happy to give their opinions on many aspects of the business. I love that I can share with them my successes and sometimes failures. Hopefully this helps them in whichever careers they choose in the future. 


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We're located in the Lehigh Valley, PA 


 Our Hazel

Hazel is an Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) and Beagle mix.
She loves to play frisbee, eat, and snuggle on the couch.  
Whenever we come home I always say, Hello my Hazel...and so Hello Hazel Co. became our name. 
♥ ♥ ♥
The above picture was painted by Robyn B Designs.